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What savings can I make with the use of solar panels?

Today, any self-consumption installation in Spain is profitable. Therefore, we analyze one of the aspects that most interest the installation of solar panels: How much will be saved on the electricity bill?

Installing solar panels in a home, business, or industry in one of the most cost-effective forms of energy savings there is.

 However, before starting to receive electricity bills in which we can already see these savings, we must invest in the installation of the photovoltaic self-consumption system.

Investment in photovoltaic installations

Before starting to develop the installation, a study of the building or house where the installation will be located must be carried out. This study will analyze the location, type of roof and its incline, as well as other relevant factors that will influence the final cost of the installation.

How much is invested to benefit from a photovoltaic installation? As we mentioned, the initial investment depends on a number of factors.

Among them, the type of roof or cover, the space and if there are shadows, which will tell us what the size of the installation will be, the quality of the components for its execution, the type of panels, the guarantees and qualification of personnel.

But even if at the outset the investment to be made may be high, it is necessary to take into account all the aid and subsidies that exist to reduce the cost of the installation, such as for example IBI or ICIO bonuses.

When the investment is amortized, everything from there on is economy and benefit for the consumer, both in electricity consumption and in future electricity bills.

Savings with self-consumption

Once the investment is complete, it’s time to save. Solar installations are generally amortized over 5 to 7 years and their useful life reaches 25 years. Once the installation is amortized, this is when the savings made by installing photovoltaic panels are really visible.

In these installations, you can achieve up to 50 and 70% savings on electricity bills, all the more in the lighter months, because the installation will produce energy longer, even if the weather is cloudy.

Electricity bills are dramatically reduced thanks to solar panels, which means huge energy savings, which in addition to allowing the customer to use this money saved on other expenses, involves a huge contribution to the environment.

In short, photovoltaic systems undoubtedly allow great savings on bills, and are also environmentally friendly, which is increasingly important.

At Greening-e, we specialize in the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of energy installations. We develop turnkey projects under the EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) modality and under the most demanding requirements of quality, safety and environmental protection, with a component of technological innovation and product excellence.

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